Portable Baby Pool With Protective Tent
Portable Baby Pool With Protective Tent
Portable Baby Pool With Protective Tent
Portable Baby Pool With Protective Tent

Portable Baby Pool With Protective Tent

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                                                        Baby Pool  Pop-Up Tent

Play in the beach and courtyard.
For children around 3 years of age.
Please use it under the guardianship of adults.

Waterproofing of sunscreen with handbag.


Open size:117*79*70 cm /46.06*31.1*27.56 in.
Number of games: 1-2 people
Product material: coated silver waterproof polyester fabric
Packing: polyester handbag

Color: Blue,Pink,Orange


  • 🌞⛱UPF 50+ Protection : UPF is used to measure its ability to protect against UV rays.When the UPF is greater than 50, it indicates that the product has excellent UV protection and the protection rating is “UPF50+”.The higher the UPF value, the better the UV protection.Protect your baby's skin from the sun's harmful rays.

  • 🌞⛱Easy to use and Save time : the Baby Pool Tent has no assembly required.Can be set up in seconds.Secure its four corners with the enclosed pegs after setting up.Suitable for indoor or outdoor play, perfect for the beach, picnics, sports games, parks and backyard, or on any soft surface.

Kids pop up beach tent not only is used as an outdoor beach tent but also can be used as an indoor play tent for babies. And you can use it as a sun shelter for relaxing in the beach, picnic, park or in the backyard and the little pool also can allow baby to play in the water instead of going to the seaside, parents can have extra time to enjoy the beach trip. This play tent provides space for the baby playing water in the mini pool.


  • 【Very Good Ventilation】Meshed window at the back, tent shape design to provide better ventilation inside the pop-up sun shelter. it also won't tip over or fly away with every gust of wind; Just quickly place a few of the provided anchors in the sand. You will feel how it is important on sunny days. Tunnel shape, wide big entrance, polyethylene floor all for your better comfort and well being. The ideal umbrella for your baby.


 Perfect for keeping your pets cool in these flaming temperatures Mother Nature throws at us as well!!!


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